July 20, 2014

Meet The New Bobby Brown

no it is not chris brown silly.
they casted “bobby brown” for the new whitney lifetime biopic.
i think they made a good choice…


June 4, 2012
I Think I Am Going To Become A Lesbian

To make a successful television show,
there are an array of characters.
You have your leads, your supporting, the love interest, and the bad guy.
They all need to have certain amount of chemistry in order to fully sell it.
The script also has to be perfect,
and there needs to be a point as to why we will keep on tuning in.

In this reality show of a lifestyle we live,
there are all characters who play a vital role with each other.
There are Foxes, Wolves, Hybrids, Jackals, and Hyenas.
Some of us have great chemistry that helps us ultimately get locked down for another season.
Others, however, are worth just a quick guest role.
It seems when it comes to looking for love as a Fox, everyone else is pairing off with their same roles.
Or, pairing off with roles that should not be assigned to them in the first place.

Has the script been re-written?
Have Wolves started tuning into other Wolves?
Why are Wolves secretly watching Jackals and Hyenas?
And, is the love life of a Fox just simply just being cancelled all together?
I started to wonder…

When has the role of “Fox” not been renewed?

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