July 1, 2013
foXXX: “I’m Gonna Be A Good Girl!”“i’ll b daddy’s good girl!i promise!“
another nsfw…
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foXXX: “I’m Gonna Be A Good Girl!”

“i’ll b daddy’s good girl!
i promise!
another nsfw


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June 29, 2013
that’s what i said when i saw this video…
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that’s what i said when i saw this video


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May 29, 2012
I Ain’t Never Been BANGED This Hard…


dear jamari fox. i love your site. i am 18 years old and new to this lifestyle. your site is so great and it has allowed me to get comfortable tremendously. the comment section helps me alot on days i hate myself for being gay. thank you. the other night i met this fine ass wolf online. i was scared but i invited him over to my house and we got it in. he fucked me really hard. i was a virgin but he did not know. now i have a hemorrhoid and it HURTS! i dont think i want to have sex again lol help! any advice!!!????


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