October 28, 2013
foXXX: “Yes Baby! Yes! I Lov-Uh-ike You!” #sex #twitterafterdarkView Post

foXXX: “Yes Baby! Yes! I Lov-Uh-ike You!” #sex #twitterafterdark

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March 3, 2012
He Bent My Wolf Over and Proceeded To Take His Love From Me


He is exactly my type.
I mean, look at him.
His body… his face… those pecs.
Makes me want to drop my drawz every time I see him.
But, alas, he is not interested in me.

Nor you, my Foxy like counterparts.
Don’t smirk Hybrids because he doesn’t want you either.

He wants his hungry for his own kind.
He is usually not satisfied until he has successfully turned one out.
Sometimes he does it for fun and other times, he does it for the challenge.

Has anyone ever met…


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